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September 2018

Summer Intensive Course 2018

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Pre-Hawza Course Offered By Alim’s

The Summer Intensive Course was an intriguing one week program,
compressed with a vibrant variety of different classes and lectures in
an advanced Islamic level. Under the guidance of extremely educated
scholars such as Sh. Murtaza Bachoo, Sh. Assad Dharsi, and Syed
Mohsin, also, including guests Sh. Shuja, and Sh. Rizwan students were
able to absorb bountiful knowledge in a truly unique and life-changing
experience. We are massively grateful to the scholars who shared their
wisdom with us!

Kids Summer Day Camp

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With the grace of Allah (swt), Al-Mustafa Academy, with the help of our determined and tireless
volunteers, were able to offer two spectacular summer programs for the community!
We provided a Summer day camp for the children of our future. A two week program that ranged
from teaching the basics of wudhu and salaat, to outdoor activities that created an entertaining
Islamic environment for the kids. Enormous gratitude to the ones that helped create such an
outstanding program.